Board Support

Good board governance is at the heart of any thriving organization, no matter its size.

The Board Support program aims to deliver accessible, high-quality training and development resources and fundamentals to volunteer board members of social profit organizations, to ensure that they can continue to be successful within their mandated missions and strive towards their visions for a better Wood Buffalo. The Board Support program supports and develops boards in the following ways:

Strategic Planning Support

As a social profit, your strategic plan is the cornerstone of your organization. It is a detailed plan that will guide your organization to accomplishing your mission, vision and goals while upholding your values.

FuseSocial offers strategic planning guidance that walks social profits through the steps in producing a strong strategic plan that clarifies where you currently are, where you aim to be, and exactly how to get there.

Grant Research

FuseSocial offers grant writing support for all social profit organizations within the RMWB. We will help with grant searching, interpret, and plan for the grant, answer questions along the way and provide the tools necessary for accountability in report writing.

Board Governance Training & Personalized Workshops

FuseSocial offers a wide variety of public board governance training sessions. We also offer personalized workshops to individual agencies to help support you based on your specific needs.

Board Member Roundtable

We host round tables throughout the year to offer board members and/or chairs an opportunity to connect with other local agencies.

Board Member Mentorship

Coming soon! Contact us if you are interested in being a mentor or mentee.

Contact us if you are interested in learning about how FuseSocial can support your board through our Board Support program.