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Without our social profit sector, our community would not be the healthy, vibrant and giving community that it is.

Our social profit sector embodies the very best of our community: every single day, the over 300 non-profit and charitable agencies operating in the RMWB are busy advocating and supporting our residents. Not only do they provide the tangible programs and supports that feed, heal, shelter, rescue, educate and nurture our community, but they also help inspire us to work together, transform our shared beliefs into actionable change, foster leadership and civic engagement, and drive economic growth. They are the fabric that strengthens are community.

Strength in the social profit sector matters in Wood Buffalo. At FuseSocial, we are committed to strengthening the capacity of all social profit agencies through education, development, innovation, research and collaboration. We work alongside government, industry and social profit agencies to drive shared outcomes, identify social needs and build sustainable, community-based solutions. And through strong leadership, elevated volunteerism and better collaboration amongst agencies, we will build a better future for our community.

Learn more about how an investment in FuseSocial is an investment in your community. Or contact our Executive Director to reach out directly and discuss customized giving options.

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