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SASS Terms and Conditions

Use of this page is for the purpose of connecting social profits in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo (RMWB) with access to “Assets” that may be frequently sought or rented from a third party, for hosting events or fundraisers. The Social Profit Asset Sharing System (SASS) aims to enhance cost saving initiatives among social profits for more efficient use of funding in programs, as opposed to spending funding to enhance fundraising efforts.

The following are definitions related to use of the SASS website and program:

  • A “Social Profit” is any organization that meets all eligibility requirements to participate in the SASS website and program.
  • “Party A” is the lending organization.
  • “Party B” is the borrowing organization.
  • An “Asset” is any item listed on the website under “Party A” as something that can be lent to “Party B” for a specified period of time.
  • All parties wishing to use the SASS website will be required to appoint a representative(s) from their organization as a point of contact.

By using this website, you agree, on behalf of your organization, to the following terms and conditions:

  • All social profits within the RMWB are eligible to participate in the SASS as long as the organization is registered as a social profit in the province of Alberta and/or with the Government of Canada.
  • All social profits must have at least one designate to maintain the Organizational Profile on the SASS and be available to confirm asset requests and make arrangements with Party B for item pick up, drop off and availability.
  • Asset requests will be received by “Party A” in the form of a phone call or email to the listed contact on the asset. Asset requests are to be accepted or declined by Party A at their discretion based on availability.
  • There is to be no monetary exchange for any “Asset” lent by “Party A” to “Party B” with the exception of:
    • Party B is responsible for any damages to an “Asset” in their possession, whether by Party B or a volunteer, staff member or an attendee of the fundraiser or event hosted by Party B.
    • Any damage or loss of an Asset is to be replaced with the same product, or one agreed to by Party A, which is of equal or greater value than the original Asset. Party B is responsible for all replacement costs associated to the Asset.
    • Any additional terms and conditions are to be agreed upon by both parties in advance of the exchange.
    • Any discrepancies or disagreements about an Asset are to be settled directly between Part A and Party B. There will be no third-party mediation. Any discrepancies that are unresolved will result in both Party A and Party B being removed from access to the SASS website and program until such time that both parties come to a reasonable and amicable solution.
  • Both Party A and Party B will have appropriate third-party liability insurance, if borrowing a physical location (such as a gymnasium), as an Asset. Failure to meet this requirement results in Party B taking full responsibility for any liability issues or incidents that may occur during their event or fundraiser.
  • All arrangements for availability, pick up and drop off are to be made directly between Party A and Party B via the contact information provided upon request of an Asset on the SASS page. Assets should be returned within 48 hours of event conclusion, or next business day, whichever occurs first or if alternate arrangements are made between Party A and Party B.

The SASS page is to be used only following all terms and conditions listed above. Failure to comply with these terms and conditions may result in access to the SASS website being revoked. Misuse of the SASS website and program may also result in permanent removal from the SASS. The SASS program is not to be used for personal gain and benefit under any circumstances. This will result in immediate of removal and/or revocation from the SASS system.

By accepting these terms and conditions, I agree to abide by the terms of use for the Social-profit Asset Sharing System (SASS).