Managing Difficult Conversations

Managing Difficult Conversations

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Handling difficult interactions is a challenging task, especially if the person is in a heightened state of emotion. For many, the ability to navigate difficult conversations with respect and professionalism is an essential workplace skill. This workshop is designed to provide practical strategies for dealing with clients and customers over the phone or in person who are in a heightened emotional state. Participants will learn techniques for de-escalating
anger, resolving conflict, and communicating effectively.

Some of the Topics Included:
* The Complexity of Phone Communication
* Qualities of a Skilled Communicator
* Key Skills for the Phone – Tone, Volume, and Inflection
* Communication Style Test
* Practical Tips for Calming the Distressed Person
* Identifying and Prioritizing Issues Raised
* Delivering Bad News
* Effective Notetaking
* Politely Ending the Conversation

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Cost - $25

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09-13-2022 @ 09:00 AM to
09-13-2022 @ 12:00 PM


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