Training, Development and Events

FuseSocial is committed to keeping our finger on the pulse of the demands and needs of our local social profit sector, so we can ensure that organizations are always being offered accessible and relevant professional training and development opportunities.

We strive to support agencies and organizations looking to improve the way they do their work and understand more about the systems and structures that enable them to be the change they wish to see in Wood Buffalo.

Areas of Training and Development We Offer

Operational Excellence

Operational Excellence courses reflect a variety of process improvement tools, methods, and techniques. Emphasis is placed on social service programming needs including program and event planning, communications, logic models and measurement, staff skill building and human resource management.

Working with People: Staff, Volunteers, and Client Care

Courses in the “working with people” theme build personal, organizational, and community capacity by equipping participants with the skills and strategies to work with colleagues, clients, and volunteers and develop a deeper understanding of themselves.