NorthStar Ford Wood Buffalo Volunteer Centre

Volunteer sitting at FuseSocial volunteer booth

The NorthStar Ford Wood Buffalo Volunteer Centre aims to strengthen the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo by supporting volunteerism within the social profit sector and beyond! We are passionate about bridging the gap between volunteers and volunteer opportunities, supporting the unique groups that utilize the power of volunteers through capacity building and our monthly Volunteer Managers Roundtable, and engaging the public, private, and non-profit sector to demonstrate leadership in the world of volunteerism. We know volunteering creates connection within a community and we are passionate about building the collective sense of volunteerism within Wood Buffalo through campaigns, events, and programming that meets the needs of volunteers and local organizations, agencies and groups.

Through managing and promoting, we provide a one-stop-shop for local volunteer opportunities, and an effective and efficient way for organizations to recruit, retain and reward volunteers. Our work with the local Emergency Social Services program encourages us to keep up to date on best practices for volunteer management and provide excellent support in emergency situations through managing and supporting volunteers.

How the NorthStar Ford Wood Buffalo Volunteer Centre Works

Resources + Support for Volunteers

If you’re looking to volunteer- you’re in the right spot! allows you to create a volunteer profile and browse for volunteer opportunities that match your interests and align with causes and organizations that you support. Track your hours, learn about local groups that utilize the power of volunteers and get rewarded through WB Volunteer Rewards Program!

If you need support finding a volunteer opportunity or posting an opportunity without the use of a website… no problem! Book an appointment with our Wood Buffalo Volunteer Centre Administrator. We’re happy to support you!

Would you like to view all upcoming volunteer opportunities in Wood Buffalo? Please view the calendar of volunteer opportunities.

Resources + Support for Organizations

Recruit, Train and Retain Volunteers!

Many organizations utilize the power of volunteers in a variety of ways. Whether you’re a sports team trying to find a better way to organize your volunteer requirements, a social profit organization trying to track board member hours, or have an event that could use a few extra sets of hands – the resources provided at the NorthStar Ford Wood Buffalo Volunteer Centre support those that are supporting volunteers! 

Looking for ongoing support? Join us for our monthly Volunteer Managers Roundtable where we learn best practices, share strategies and challenges, and network together! Contact us to request an invitation.

Campaigns + Events

We love celebrating volunteerism! Our events and campaigns look to celebrate and promote volunteerism within our community. Stay up to date on upcoming events such as National Volunteer Week, Volunteer Appreciation Events, and more by creating a profile on